Loginsoft Consulting LLC

Job Title: Chief Cybersecurity Solutions Officer (CCSO)

Location: Washington, DC - Metro

Full Time

About LoginSoft:

LoginSoft is a renowned provider of cybersecurity engineering services, specializing in delivering customized solutions to clients in the cybersecurity industry.

With a strong track record of partnering with leading cyber product companies, we have gained their trust in providing tailored solutions and engineering resources for product development and integrations. Our comprehensive range of security offerings encompasses SCA, Threat Intelligence, Threat Intelligence Integrations, Threat Detection & Engineering, Content Packs & Log Ingestions, Zero-day Discovery, Supply chain Discovery, and more. As we continue to expand our operations, we are seeking a highly motivated and experienced Chief Cybersecurity Solutions Officer (CCSO) to spearhead the growth and widespread adoption of our cutting-edge cybersecurity engineering services.


1. Cybersecurity Leadership and Roadmap Development: Lead and leverage expertise in threat intelligence, vulnerability management, cloud security, threat hunting, and threat detection. Address client pain points, stay informed on research, emerging technologies, and industry trends. Shape the cybersecurity solutions roadmap, evaluating emerging technology applications and their impact on partnerships, pricing, and planning. Foster a shared vision and advocate for the customer perspective throughout development, delivery, and deployment.

2. Cybersecurity Engineering Services Growth and Adoption: Drive the growth and adoption of cybersecurity engineering services by driving penetration of existing solutions in the existing markets / cybersecurity product companies, and extending solutions to enterprise companies, delivering talented engineering resources and customized offerings. Collaborate with the CRO and CTO to align revenue generation efforts and customer satisfaction goals. Ensure the viability, feasibility, and desirability of security services by leveraging cybersecurity experience and industry knowledge. Gain comprehensive insights into the cybersecurity industry, including offerings, tools, major players, and trends. Work closely with stakeholders to fuel revenue growth and champion the customer's voice.

3. Client Engagement and Relationship Management: Serve as a key point of contact for new clients / customers, collaborating with the CRO and CTO to deliver compelling presentations, lead negotiations, and align revenue goals with client expectations. Build and nurture lasting client relationships through effective communication, understanding their needs, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Represent the voice of the customer, working closely with stakeholders, including the CRO and CTO, to drive revenue growth and maintain strong partnerships.

4. Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations: Forge strategic partnerships and collaborations by establishing strong relationships with industry stakeholders, fostering collaboration, and creating opportunities for joint initiatives and market expansion. Collaborate with marketing and communications teams to develop impactful content and messaging that effectively communicates the value and benefits of cybersecurity engineering services.

5. Thought Leadership and Innovation: Provide thought leadership and innovation in the cybersecurity industry by staying informed about research advancements, emerging technologies, and industry trends. Identify opportunities to leverage existing innovations and invest in new ideas to deliver valuable cybersecurity solutions. Utilize deep knowledge of the industry, customers, and end-users to predict the future, define roadmaps, and position the cybersecurity solutions and the company as a leader in the market. Actively engage on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to promote our services and participate in industry forums as a speaker to drive industry recognition and engagement.

6. Deal Closing and Strategic Collaboration: Collaborate with stakeholders, including the CTO, CRO, partners, and clients, to align strategies with market trends and customer needs. Drive the efforts to close deals by capitalizing on the abundant leads and opportunities we receive. Conduct research and gather feedback to define the vision, goals, and roadmap for cybersecurity solutions. Provide strategic guidance for business development, leveraging your expertise in successful deal closures. Foster cross-functional collaboration to bring industry-leading cybersecurity solutions to market, driving adoption, and ensuring successful outcomes.


1. Experience and Expertise:10-15 years in technology solutions and engineering services, with 7-10 years in delivering effective cybersecurity solutions. Strong background in solution development, user research, and agile environments. Deep industry knowledge essential for strategic vision and planning.

2. Customer-facing skills: and Collaboration Leadership: Proficient in impactful presentations, deal negotiation, and building client relationships. Effective representation of customer and end-user voices. Strong in developing simplified marketing content. Demonstrate leadership to effectively lead cross-functional teams, drive collaboration, and foster cross-functional teamwork, communication, and effective leadership.

3. Cybersecurity Business Acumen and Market Understanding: Demonstrate deal-closing expertise and stakeholder collaboration. Showcase familiarity with emerging cybersecurity tech for a visionary roadmap. Possess strategic thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and strong understanding of the cybersecurity marketplace, including buyer and end-user priorities, with research, feedback, and effective communication skills.

4. Problem-Solving, Innovation, and Adaptability: Demonstrate expertise in complex problem-solving, critical thinking, and impactful outcomes. Possess problem-solving prowess to tackle intricate issues. Show inclination towards innovation, thought leadership, and emerging cybersecurity technologies. Understand cyber-physical convergence and growth opportunities. Ability to deliver solutions with sound judgment and a well-structured, data-informed narrative. Thrive in a fast-paced environment, paying attention to details. Extensive experience in agile, startup, and growth environments preferred.

5. Education and Technical Skills: Possess an advanced degree in Cybersecurity, Engineering, or related field, demonstrating strong technical and financial acumen. Familiarity with industry frameworks and methodologies (Agile, research, service design, weighted scorecards). In-depth knowledge of software design, data pipelines, and APIs for informed technical discussions and decision-making. Additional expertise in Cloud Security, Threat Hunting and Detection, Software Supply Chain, Threat Intelligence, and Vulnerability Management. Experience or knowledge in areas such as Blockchain and AI is a plus.

Join LoginSoft as the Chief Cybersecurity Solutions Officer and lead the growth and adoption of our cybersecurity engineering services.

Your expertise in the cybersecurity industry, coupled with your strategic vision and leadership, will shape our offerings, strengthen client relationships, and position LoginSoft as a leader in the cybersecurity engineering services industry.

Apply now and be part of our mission to tackle complex cybersecurity challenges with inn.